About Us

The creators of Vivarte

We started our first courses and seminars in 1998 at the industrial building on Pentelis Street in Moschato. At that time there were not many workshops and we strongly felt the need to create an art center. A space open to anyone who had a taste but was never given the opportunity to do art. We were called Senses (all the senses together) and we aspired to share with others this appetite for learning, artistic creation and communication.
In 2005 we moved closer to the center of Athens with the most important workshops for us (painting, sculpture, photography, decoration, art history). We have been renamed Vivarte (the art of living), and we still believe that each of us, regardless of our talent, can engage in the visual arts as a drastic soothing to the contradictions we are experiencing today in our country.
In the last few years and especially in the summer months we have also transferred some of our activities to a magical landscape in South Evia (Vivarte in Nature), combining art with escapes in nature and open space.
The creators of Vivarte G. Tsintanelis, Sandra Pons Carreras